Sunday, December 20, 2009


I've read about a lot of activities which people and organisations generally initiate & coordinate to raise funds for charities, which help a lota homeless/needy/orphaned kids. Common ones that we generally come across are - Marathons, Motoring tours around the world, star studded events, rallies and other promotions through web, print media, Television so on so forth. However this particular act, which was recently done by people in Essex, UK for raising funds for the homeless sounded a bit scary !!! The brave hair-raising act was - Sleeping in the graveyard !!! Check out for yourselves

DEAD TIRED? You would be if you had to sleep in a graveyard every night.
WHEN? The night of 27-28 November.
WHERE? St John's Church in Moulsham Street, Chelmsford.
And finally the picture - The deadliest i've ever seen for a charity event like this. Have a look !@#$%


Vijay Vaidyanathan said...

It is quite scary indeed !!!
But more than the grave yard (I assume there'll be lot of ppl around as it is a charity drive :) ), the cold weather and the snow scares me.

I'm already having to wrestle with continuous allergies and cold even in the warm climes of Singapore :):):)

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