Saturday, May 13, 2006

College To corporate - A perfect Transition

Hmm.. thy ended my life at the constr site and i was all set to take up new challengez (was there one ?) at accenture. I came to know abt my location on one fine sunday, while i was busy playing a cricket match at the JRTCC (Jubilee Road Terrace Cricket Ground). ICC was one of our partners until it decided to split and venture out as a new governing body.. huh copy cats..
Lady luck decided to persist with me for some more time i guess, as some ppl got placed at mumbai too. Mumbai is one of the scariest places i wud have ever wanted to be. For ppl who dunno, its one of the places where u just need to board the train and when u are sure that urs is the next stop.. march forth and just stand wherever u are.. u don need to take any extra effort to even move ur legs.. u'll be automatically 'ousted'. Thanks to the 'decent' mumbai crowd...

Was really excited abt going to banglore , abt new job , settling there and stuff. Finally i boarded the 'shatabdhi' express in the morning, just like the college days. Arrived at the
stat ion just 5 minutes bfore the trainz departure and managed to sneak into first class a/c compartment(pun intended !!) . Hey me not Richie Rich. When ur company pays Rs 10000/- for relocation, u can even afford a Chartered flight !!

Sep 1 2004, i was at banglore.. and my IT life started there with a bang.. We went to a 5 star hotel for induction. I was too engrossed with all other things except the induction pgm as such. Food, girls who had come along and joined with us... and wat not..

Right then.. i needed to find a shelter for myself. This is where i had serious diffculties coz all my friends who were there had already got settled there and it was tough to separate them. Finally a charisma in the form of my mother made it all possible. She had got me a small room in a home at jp nagar wihtout any advance and hidden costs ;-) .. I was pretty lucky indeed, when compared to some of my mates who were staying in a so called "PG" with bunker beds, one on top of the other. Most of the times rats and cockroaches were the occupants of the bottom most bed!! And food ... last thing u'd ever ask for in a pg. Juz horrible. Sambar tastes like paal payasam and rasam , well no comments.. I'd rather leave it to the bangloreans who 'might' read this un.

Initial days at office were all fun filled, as i was into training. My word, the trainers were all really amazing and i found myself writing code at ease.. Could clearly benchmark the difference between my college profs and the corporate ppl. To wrap it all , "My college to corporate transition was indeed wholeheartedly complete and i earned my self a title 'Junior Software Engineer' :-)"...

The Journey of life continues........

Laughter & Tears - Everything Could Count

Banglore.. IT HUB.. Every s/w guyz dream... and wat not.. so much of hype surrounding this southern city.. That adrenaline rush & those gayous thoughts din spare me either..
Getting placed in a Construction comp right outta college and having a night mare over there, with the big bound civil books and training sessions where in i used to explain the oldies (so call young guns of the organisation) "How to move the mouse and double click the goddamned 'My computer' icon.." uh ..oh tough times were those.. Not only this.. .. One fine day during the induction period they took me to a construction site and guess wat, with a "grey helmet" at the top of my head.. i was at the terrace beore the blink of an eye. That beat the shit out of me really.. more than the fear of 'wat am i doing here' , it was the open place that intimidated me a lot. They hadn even completed it fully and me and another IT guy ( i felt i had a comapny :-) then) were asked to go , watch and admire that work. Leave alone the admiration part we were asked to take a seminar the very next day on that. I said to myselves 'One crap of a civil engineer in the making" Poof Life was tough blv me..

In 15 days time i decided that was it and without even a formal resignation i ran away like forrest gump without turning back.. Breather,at last.

The follwing days were really really tough.. With all ur mates settled at some place or the other, this feeling of insecurity looms over you easily.. Finally after some days of hard work and resume mailers.. lady luck decided to ping me . I got a job at *********(Masked for obvious reasons). was really overjoyed. Who wudn be ? I never even dreamt of getting into a MNC, with the state in which i was.. Gleefully accepted the offer and was waiting for the location. Thank god it was banglore....
To be Continued...

Wanna know the name of the anonymous organisation that i first worked for ( ahem..15 days).. Take the first letter of all the words from the title of this blog and there u are..

Friday, May 12, 2006

Something abt me !!

My first ever blog on the net.. Whoa!! iam all the more excited to start scribbling..
First Something About me. I am yet another software enginner carrying great hopes as every damn individual in this IT industry does... Unfortunately half or infact none of them have got fullfilled yet. Graduated in the year 2004 (don ask me the college name , i'd rather prefer to hide it due to the recent hallelujahs). Now working with one of the MNC's hooked up in chennai with a pay package i'd say 'TOO_MUCH_FOR_THE_WORK_I_DO' (Do I ?).I enjoy 'Orkutting', reading other ppls blogs, chatting (of course) and freaking out with friends.K lemme wind up this small intro of mine with this. Have plans to write more and publish 'em. BTW anyone reading this shud be wondering y on earth have i chosen "banglore mail" as the blogspot url.. keep guessing !!