Sunday, July 12, 2009

Colonization - An amazing Pic !

Just finished watching the movie blood diamond. Got intrigued by the term 'conflict diamonds' and went on to look it up on my most favourite information source- The wikipedia. Found a lota related links in the blood diamond wiki and while reading some of them , i came across this term 'post colonoization' which got me hooked on to the underlying basic word - colonization. Guess this would be old news to a lot of the netizens, but then this 'GIF' image attracted me a lot. It gave me wonderful historical information in a matter of few seconds.

Here you go. Click on the link to see the changing eras and nations that involved in colonization.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Starting with USSR, France and turkey, its amazing to see even small countries like belgium joining the colonization bandwagon. No prices for guessing who were the sole proprietors of India (almost in its entirety) - The brits. The major difference i guess is between 1822 and 1855 (appealed more prominent to to the naked eye). A plethora of colours in African region (1914 & 1938) - clearly indicates the fact that almost every country was keen on cashing in on africa's natural wealth and resources. Even in 2008, the colours continued to exist. Wonder how it would be 50 years from now !

A truly wonderful pic. Hats of to the creator !